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The internet is a world of information. The following links are those we found useful during the production of 'Playing Hookey'. They all belong to really nice people, so drop by and check them out. These sites provide a wealth of information in the production of music......

 DRT Mastering Everything you need to know about mastering a recording
 Digital Domain ... and just in case there's more
 Front Porch Music When you need to get it made call here
 Disc Makers ... or here
 Opcode Need some cool MIDI stuff?
 Waves ... or need to process some audio?
 Sweetwater Sounds Guess where we got our piano?
 IUMA Yes, we are Here, There & Everywhere
 Indie News Stay in touch with other Independant Record labels

Also check out other artists of a similar genre......

 Jon Schmidt Classical New Age Pianist & Composer